Saturday, April 3, 2010

The One With Rosemary's Baby

I'm out of pineapple upside down cake. It's kind of a tragedy, but D and I finished off the last of it today. I was waiting until it was gone before making anything else, so that's a good thing, but now I have to actually come up with something to make. . .I bought this glass cake-holding thing (that, incidentally and when turned upside down, doubles as a punch bowl) and the pineapple cake has been in that since I made it, but now it's sadly empty.

I'm thinking some kind of layer cake. I've never made a layer cake, and I discovered within the last week that I actually own two cake pans. Hence, layers.

I don't honestly have anything interesting to talk about currently. Tomorrow's Easter, and we all know what that means. Monday will have half-off Easter candy! (Which, actually, makes me sad, because I just realized right now that I'll be at work. Maybe I can run to Target during lunch or something.)

Mass in the morning. Easter luncheon. I want to make a dessert to bring with us, but Dad usually does that, and I don't want to cause dessert overload.

I did find, and I may use half-priced Peeps to make these on Monday, these lollipop-looking things, which basically consist of Peeps covered in chocolate (either milk or white) and put on a lollipop stick. They sounded intriguing.

I'm floundering right now. I want to have something interesting to blog about, another one of my well-known rants about something or other, but it's just not in me today.


I read "Rosemary's Baby" today, and I wish I could have those hours of my life back. The beginning of the story was inoffensive enough, but then it got boring and then it got weird. I feel like other books have done better at the "building suspense" and then at the "surprise ending." I finished it, and was like, ". . . . .???" And then I read the excerpt at the end for the sequel (written, like, 30 years after the fact), and it just got more and more ridiculous.

I'm all about books about children being possessed by demons or being demons or whatever (See: "Bless the Child"), but this one just didn't do it for me. If you haven't read it or seen the movie, ignore this next bit: Rosemary ends up giving birth to Satan's son.


Complete with a tail and horns.


I was like, really? REALLY?

In other news, there is now cable (sort of) and Internet in the apartment. I say "sort of" because there are the most basic of channels. It WILL allow me to get back to Grey's Anatomy (not that I've missed it too much. . .it kind of sucks this season) but I'm missing the all-important Food Network, which I'm hoping to work up to one day. There are two home shopping channels, and at least one Spanish channel as well. And this morning, I got to watch infomercials for things I didn't even know I needed, but clearly, that I do, such as this. . .device that cooks all kind of meats and melts the fat RIGHT OFF. I wish I could remember what the thing was called, so I could Google a picture of it and put it on here. Because it's awesome.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The One With the Monkey Stomp

Another entry! Another entry. . .I was about to say, "Two entries in one month!!" . . .but then I realized today's April 1st. Whoops. April Fool's Day on me. Fail.

Got a new temp assignment that I'm going to start Monday-ish. Receptionisting, data entering, etc. Not sure how long it's going to last, but it's money. That's the important thing.

D and I are at this coffee shop currently, and while I got my usual Earl Grey tea, he got something called a Monkey Stomp. The guy behind the counter said it was created by a customer, and it consists of 4 espresso shots and 4 shots of thick chocolate, with whipped. . .milk, I guess. It's called a Monkey Stomp (again, according to guy behind the counter) because it makes it feel like Donkey Kong is jumping up and down on your head. Why this is something you'd want to experience, I'm not sure, but it actually is pretty tasty. The best part about it, though, is the drawing of the monkey in the milky froth stuff.

So my new career choice is something involving food. I'd gone to check out a culinary school around here recently, but I'm thinking that adding $50k to my debt is not so much something I want to do at this point in time. But you know, if I don't want to work for a restaurant, it wouldn't be that hard to get started via word of mouth. (Note: I don't mean it would be easy at all, but I'm saying it would be easier to do that than to go to a restaurant and be like, "Hey, hire me. I'm awesome."

D suggested I do something bake-y. Like. . .selling bake type foods. I got several (random) cookie cutters I bought off of Cousin C at her yard sale, so cookies could be a thing. Plus, bread, cakes, pies. . .all that. I think that would be fun. . .plus, it's something I legitimately like doing, whereas I'm kind of not thrilled about the idea of all things literary and editorial at the moment. I have no inspiration, no real desire to do any of the things I've been doing for the last. . .lifetime anymore, so maybe it's just time to try something new. I'm going to have to figure out how to even get started doing something like that, but I can figure all that out while I'm working at this new place.

Yesterday, I didn't have a whole lot going on, so I made a pineapple upside down cake (which I'd never made before, and I did not realize how labor-intensive these things are), and I also threw in a loaf of banana bread. My original intent here was because I thought the bread only had to bake for half an hour, while the cake had to bake for 45 minutes. I was going to let the cake go for 15 minutes, then throw in the bread. Unfortunately, I didn't read it properly, and the 30 minutes was for making muffins with the batter. Regardless, everything got made, and it was awesome.
Easter will consist of a freaky-early Mass, followed by lunch at the grandmother's. If you're wondering.