Saturday, April 16, 2011

The One With a Picture

It's Saturday. It's Saturday and I'm working and don't have any interesting stories, but I do have a picture I found on my phone.

Here it is. Take that, hipsters!

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  1. Haha!!

    Thank you SO much for the comment you left about my query letter. It was much appreciated.

    So I could just write London Olympics then? I wasn't sure if I should specify or not but you're right, it would date the book.

    As for the Twilight stuff, yes, it's mentioned several times in the book. The main character doesn't quite bash it, she basically just groans when she has to sit through the movies. It's mainly the movie that gets mocked throughout the book. Do you think that's okay?

    Once again, I really appreciate your imput. I am welcome to any suggestions.