Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The One with the Crazy Dreams

I was reading a post on a website I frequent about dreams, specifically anxiety dreams, and reading the comments was just fascinating.  I didn't realize that some of the dreams I have pretty frequently (monthly, bi-monthly, sometimes weekly) were so common, and I never would have thought to call them anxiety dreams.  Seeing as to how they make me feel anxious, though, I guess that would make sense.  And they all involve school, which I'm sure a therapist would have a field day with.

One that I have pretty often is that I'll dream I'm still in high school (Dream?  Or nightmare?), but the high school is actually a variation of the middle school I went to.  It's almost always after hours, and I'm running around, trying to find my locker.  I almost never find it, and I know I need to get books out of it, but for the life of me, I can't track the thing down.  A couple of times, I've found the locker, but I've forgotten the combination.  I never end up getting to my books, and rarely do I even find the locker.

The first of my two college dreams is a bi-monthly dream during which I get to school (the actually university where I went) and discover that I have no dorm room.  All my stuff is sitting outside in a U-Haul, and I have nowhere to live.  I run around campus, looking for someone to help me find somewhere to live, but most people have usually already gone home.  Sometimes, I go into a dorm that appears to be unfinished, they're still building it, and I look for someone that might let me live with them.  I can't right this second remember a time when I've eventually gotten somewhere to live.  I guess I just live out of the U-Haul.

My last dream is another college dream, and it's that I wake up one day and glance at my schedule to realize that I'm supposed to be in class, it's the end of the semester. . .and I've never one attended that class.  I've completely forgotten it was on my schedule, so I never went.  Then I go running to find the class, and I can't track it down.  It seems to always take place during senior year, and it's a class I need to graduate, so I guess it's implied that I'm not going to graduate because of this one class I've forgotten to go to.

Any dream interpreters out there want to take a crack at these?  Will I be stuck in high school/college for the rest of my life?

What about you?  What are the weird, recurring dreams you have?

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