Monday, December 14, 2009

The One Where My Job Ends Abruptly

It's been a while, yeah. I'm glad I gave up on the 100-days concept (that, I swear, I will not reference again), because I'd be failing tragically.

The awesome job I had that was supposed to take me through the beginning of the year? Gone. Apparently, the other guy I was working with and I finished everything too quickly, and there's no more work. It lasted 3 weeks.

My temp place has a couple days of receptionistism set up for me next week, but that's it for now. I interviewed with another staffing place last week, and they were going to call me to set up an interview with the actual person doing the hiring this week, but I haven't heard from them. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that that's not particularly good news.

I started writing today. Maybe, just maybe, I can push through it and actually finish something.

D and I had dinner with my parents, my sister, and my sister's friend last night that culminated in game-playing. What should be noted here is that D and I are terrible at the game Cranium. Terrible. This is the second time we've played together, and the second time we've lost. (Together.) I'm not sure what it is, but it's just not our forte. He won a round of Pit, and someone or other won the game of Scategories. I won nothing. I should go home tonight and play Life. Maybe I'll win.

Christmas is coming up, and exactly none of you will be surprised to know I haven't bought anyone anything yet. I should probably do that this week, since Christmas is. . .next week.

I'm feeling very stuck right now. There's nothing really going on in my life, and I'm feeling quite suspended animation at the moment. I've kind of put a halt on any wedding planning because. . .well, there's no money to use with which to plan. That seems to be a necessity, from what I understand, and I don't think I can steal a cake. I've been saying I'm going to do the dishes for the last three days and they're still sitting in the sink.

I think what it is here is that when I don't have a job, when I don't have anything to do, I feel pretty useless. And I don't. Have anything to do, I mean.

So that's a short update. Don't have a lot to say, but I felt like I was neglecting the 1.2 people who read what I have to say.

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