Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The One Where I Need Something To Do

Two days in a row? What?

Still no work for me.

Today's thing is that yesterday, around 4, they brought me something to do. I was away from my desk at the time they brought it, so I had to, first of all, track down who had brought it to me. Once I found her, she gave me the Web site I needed to go to to get the job done, and gave me a user name and password. So I go to the Web site, and it comes up telling me I'm not allowed in. OK. I go back to said woman and ask her what to do. She gives me the number of the company to call to get it worked out. I call the number, and it is apparently a wrong one. Apparently this happens a lot, and I am given the correct number, as well as the instructions to send out an e-mail to everyone, letting them know that someone's giving out the wrong number.

I do not do this, as, one, I don't think that's really something for me to be doing and, two, I still don't have e-mail. Or a phone. When I called this guy, I had to use The Blonde One's phone, but then I had to resort to using my cell phone when her phone wouldn't reach to my desk.

I call the correct number and am on hold for 9,000 years. It's about 4:40 by this point, so I decide to hang up and call back this morning.

I get here this morning and call the correct number. Am only on hold for 4,500 years this time, and when I finally get through, I'm connected with this really bitchy woman. She asks me for the company name. I give it to her. She asks for my phone number. I tell her I don't have one. She asks me for my e-mail address. I tell her I don't have one. She's getting all Judgey McJudgerstein at this point, and when I tell her what they problem is, she's like, well, you're going to the wrong Web site. I tell her that's the site they gave me, and she's all, "Well, they're wrong."

She points me in the direction of the correct Web site, and when I get there and try to log in, it won't let me, telling my password isn't valid. "What do I do?" she asks. "Who gave you the password?" she asks. I tell her, and she said the person who gave it to me isn't qualified to give it to me, and gives me the name of two other people I can talk to. Unfortunately, I don't really know anyone here, so I have no clue who these people are. I go back to the original woman that gave me the password, she takes me over to the guy that I needed to talk to, and he says, yeah, most people have trouble getting in on their first try. Then he tells me he'll e-mail me a new password. I tell him I don't have e-mail, and he says he'll e-mail the other woman my new password.

That was. . .2 hours ago. Needless to say, I don't have a new password yet.

Today, I have Wikipedia'd things, talked to people online, looked up recipes, read updated blogs, and facebook stalked.

One might say this is actually an ideal thing, getting paid to do nothing, but I'm bored out of my mind right now. I'm kind of considering asking my temp place to find me something else, because these people clearly don't know why I'm here, or what I'm supposed to be doing.

Went to the mall last night. D found a Lego car hauler like he used to drive and was monumentally excited about it. We ducked in and out of some shops and stuff.

What I wish I had at this moment is a stove of my own. I've been finding all these recipes that begin by saying things like, "Preheat oven to 325." Well, no. I can't. I feel like I'd be so much more productive, meal-wise, if I had an oven.

Now I'm going to go look for more jobs. I've applied to like 3 today.

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