Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The One With Things to Buy

In my Gmail account, I have 71 folders into which I place various e-mails.

This seems excessive, yes. But I have so many recipes I save, I need to separate them. Of those 71, 31 of them are directly food-related.

One of these folders, which I hadn't opened for a while prior to today, is called "Things to Buy." It is. . .exactly what it sounds like. Things I'd love to have but don't have the money for, or things I'd like to give as gifts, or things that are cool but that I'll likely NEVER own, or whatever.

I'd like to share some cool things here. I won't do all of them (since I have 26 things in the folder and that would get long and more tedious than usual.) I guess I'm supposed to put some kind of disclaimer: I was not paid or given anything in return for putting these products here. They're just stuff I found on my own and thought were cool. Now, if a company wants to send me free stuff, I'll GLADLY take it. But that has not happened here.

Thing To Buy Number 1:

How cute are these earphones? The Web site they're on lists the price in Yen, so it looks like an eff-ton of money, but it converts to like $20 a pair. Those are, in case you can't tell, a banana, sushi, a cat paw, and a bolt. I'd like to have either the sushi ones or the bolt ones. The downside is that the sushi ones have the potential of just looking like you have Gross Things in your ears, and the bolt one would make you look like Frankenstein's Monster. Which, actually, might be more of a pro than a con.

Thing To Buy Number 2:

These, I freaking LOVE. You can pretty much put any message you want into cookies. Besides the obvious "Happy Birthday" or "I Love You" cookies, you can do what I think many companies overlook: give sad cookies. It's kind of like Demitri Martin said: "Cake is the only food we write on. It’s always encouraging like, “Happy Birthday, Leo!” “Congratulations, Eric!” I feel like we’re missing an opportunity. I’m talking about negative cakes: “Surprise, You’re Adopted!” ‘Cause that’s when you want cake!"

I'm thinking this could be a whole new thing. Cookies for Sad Occasions. Cookies that say, "I'm leaving you. Goodbye." Or "I quit." Or something. When you're given a cookie this cute, you can only be so mad or so sad for long. Because then you can just eat cookies. The con, though, might be that I feel the letters might smoosh together during baking, and then you'll have someone saying, "I eavng ou? What?"

Thing To Buy #3:
The Recovery Bracelet from Femail Creations (Yes, I spelled this correctly.)

This? Is gorgeous. I love the shape and I love the colors. The point of it is to represent. . .well, I'll let the Web site description speak for itself:
"Each bracelet is handmade and individual and acts as a comforting reminder that recovery and renewal from anything is one step at a time. You begin with the white pearl which symbolizes the whole and healthy person. Next is the clasp, the point at which something breaks. It can be an accident, a health issue, a loss or an emotional crisis. From the clasp on the other side of the bracelet there is a progression of freshwater pearls growing in size and changing in color. Each pearl along the way represents a stepping-stone to recovery. The different colors represent the changing emotions, and new tasks accomplished in the process. The pearls continue to get bigger as healing takes place, ultimately reaching the bright white pearl where it started, signifying the return to full health."

Awesome. Apparently, the artist's brother was in a really bad accident a few years back, and this bracelet was made in his honor. It's like that quote from. . .Winston Churchill (?), "If you're going through Hell, keep on going."

How about two more?

Thing to Buy #4:

Um, a chandelier. Made of Gummi Bears. I don't think I ACTUALLY have to say anything else about this.

Thing to Buy #5:

I love rainboots. My own, personal pair of pink-lined, black-with-white-polka-dots pair was featured on the cover of the Home and Garden supplement of the newspaper I worked for. I sketched out what I wanted for the cover, and D took care of the photoshoot for me. It turned out awesomely.

That has nothing to do with this garden thing, but it's a great anecdote.

My point it, while boots are cute, mini boots are even cuter, and anything small enough to let me grow things even though I'm currently dwelling in an apartment? Awesome.

So there's my list. Go buy these things for yourself, go buy them for me. . .whatever. I just think more people need to own more Things of Awesome. You're welcome.

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