Thursday, July 1, 2010

The One Where I Shake It Up a Little


OK, you guys. I have a confession to make.

This list is getting to me.

It seemed like a good idea at first. Something to keep me on track, give me things to write about, and provide a cohesive. . .something or other. (I just wanted to use the word "cohesive.")

But now? Now it's pissing me off. It's pissing me off because I'm so far behind (Today is supposed to be Day 21. I am currently on Day 13. I've missed a week.) It's pissing me off because today's prompt is supposed to be about a fictional book, and I've already DONE a post on fictional books.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to ask for suggestions. I'm going to do the prompt for Day 22 today, and I'm going to ask, first of all, for a prompt to take the place of fictional books, and, secondly, I'm going to ask for people to help me put these in random order. If you go check out the list (the link's at the top of the page), leave me a note saying which one you think I should do next. When I do postings regarding The List, I'll ask for suggestions of what to do next. It's fun! It's interactive! It's going to make The List stop pissing me off!

So, in short, today I'm doing Day 21. I'm asking for a replacement for fictional book, and I'm asking for ordering suggestions.

I'd much appreciate it.

So, without further adieu. . .

Day 13 (Day 22) -- a Web Site

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. I've mentioned this. But there's one or two that I get really excited about when they pop up on Google Reader. Jenny's blog is one of these. She has, like, a kabillion followers, and she's so freaking hilarious. I laugh at almost every post. Sometimes, I laugh at posts out loud, and then people look at me funny.

Her conversations with her husband are always hysterical. She posts random thoughts. She buys ugly dead boar heads and names them after dead presidents. Basically, she's amazing, and I love her in a not-too-creepy way.

Also, she's. . .profane. But in a lovely way. Point here is that if you're easily offended, you should avoid her site at all costs.

I swear, I'm going to write all about Carol's wedding at some point. Because I want to catalogue its awesomeness.

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  1. Replacement suggestion: Dream Job (whether or not it's realistic).