Thursday, July 15, 2010

The One With Cheesecake Photos

My blackberry cheesecake? Was badass. Bad. Ass. Completely worth the ridiculous amount of money I spent on the ingredients.

I finally got home last night after a 14-hour workday and cut into it. My photographer D took pictures of the process, so, of course, I'm going to share them with you all. So you can be. . .you know, jealous. Of my mad cheesecake skills.

Even though I've been making cakes and cupcakes and pies for. . . ever, I'd never attempted a cheesecake before. Main reason for that being, I didn't have a springform pan. For those of you who don't know, the springform pan has a latch on it that you pop so you can take the surrounding pan off of the bottom. This is necessary for cheesecakes, because unlike with regular cakes, you can't just flip them out of the pan. . .they have to stay rightside up. So I waited until A.C. Moore had a sale on them and bought one. That was like 2 months ago, so it was about time.

I've already linked to the recipe, but I'll do it again if you're interested, because I don't feel like going through the entire process on here. The only thing I would change about it is that the recipe suggests 2 - 3 cups of blackberries. I only used two (those things are EXPENSIVE!), and I wasn't able to cover the entire top of the thing. . .I had to arrange them artfully in the middle. I'd prefer the berries to go to the edges (although. . .I seemed to have an excess of juice with the amount I used. Maybe I'd drain some of it. I don't know.

Also, I don't have an electric mixer, so I mixed this entire thing by hand. My biceps are enormous. Do YOU have tickets to the gun show?

So I made the cheesecake:
Mmmm. . .cheesecake.

Then, the berries were cooked:
Mmmm. . .berries!

And then the entire thing was put together:


And sliced. . .

And, of course, then it was eaten.



  1. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Did you buy your blackberries from the grocery store or the Farmer's Market? That may be your issue with the price. I am an absolute blackberry fanatic and I agree, they are definitely overpriced in the grocery store ($3 for a tiny carton on a good day!). However, I pig out on blackberries during the summer because you can get roughly 3x as many at the Farmer's Market for the same price. Not only that, but the flavor tends to be better (and you don't get as many moldy ones as you do in the grocery store. Anyway this recipe sounds delicious, I tend to take the lazy way out when making cheesecake and just buy the already-made cheesecake filling :) I'm sure yours is definitely better.

  2. I am totally jealous of your skills. It looks great.

  3. Melissa -- Normally, I am ALL ABOUT the Farmer's Market, because their stuff is SO fresh and SO delicious. In this instance, however, I had to go to the grocery store. I'd decided on the way home from work, "Hey. . .I think I'll make cheesecake today!" and the grocery store is a 3 minute walk from my apartment. So next time, I'll plan ahead and it will be EVEN MORE AWESOME!

    Chele -- Thank you! :)

  4. mmmmmmm. and so far for dinner tonight I'm having.... ugh... nothing!

  5. That looks beyond delicious - now I'm tempted to steal my mom's springboard pan and try it myself!

  6. This looks SOOO good! Making me very hungry!