Sunday, November 15, 2009

The One With the Photo Shoot

OK, so I failed. I missed one of my 100 days of blogging, and I felt really, really badly about it. More badly than I feel one should feel about messing up a self-imposed 100 days of blogging.

But! I feel like yesterday/last night was a good reason to miss a day, so i forgive myself, and I feel you all should, too. D and I had our pictures done! C and F did. . .the best job ever. I am pleased with the few that I have seen thus far, and. . .I mean, I've got to say it. D and I are a hot couple. :) C told me that when she does engagement photos, most people don't want to kiss in public, so she was beyond thrilled that D and I have. . .no shame, and would make out on command. And make out on command we did. There are many, many shots of us making out in various locales throughout downtown Asheville, and also a few of not making out at all.

A link to the sneak peek? You ask. Of course:

I'm going to maybe write another blog when I get back home (in like 5 hours). Maybe. And if not, then I'll just miss one of my 100 days. I'll give myself 105 days to make 100 entries, I think. So there's a little room for error.

Tomorrow's a job interview for me. And D will be in town for the week, about which I am BEYOND excited. He's staying the week, and then going to my family's Thanksgiving with us. Mine and C's side of the family have our Thanksgiving the Sunday before Legit Thanksgiving, so everyone can be there if there are other family celebrations to contend with. This will be D's debut to my family, but I'm not concerned. C and F like him, my parents LOVE him (he's pretty much BFF with my Sdad) and even my sister, K, is a fan. So, here's to D meeting the family.

Go look at the sneak peek to the pictures. You will not be disappointed.

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