Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The One Where There's Just Not Enough Money

So, every day that I get closer to the day we've picked for our wedding day, the more I go, ". . .but it's all So Expensive!"

I want to wear the dress that I've had picked out forever and I want to get the ridiculously awesome cake we've picked out. (Did you know that you can go in for consultations to these places and they give you free cake? Free. Cake.") But the more time that passes, the more I think about other things I could be buying with the hundreds (thousands, probably) of dollars we'd be spending on wedding things.

Par example, I just found out yesterday that the supplies for my insulin pump are going to cost me $785 for 3 months.

"Your deductible is $1,000," the chipper lady (who probably has great health insurance) tells me. "But that's not so bad, because you'd meet that deductible in an order and a half!"

That's all fine, dandy, and cupcakes, sweetheart, but where am I going to get the $1,000 to pay OFF said deductible?
I swear I didn't start a post just to bitch and moan about money. It's just that that's the first thing I thought of.
Oh, and actually, speaking of money, I went by Dad's house yesterday to pick up mail (because, since I moved out, for whatever reason, I still haven't forwarded mail to my new address), and I got this letter that about made me hit the roof.
I was in this car accident about a year ago (a year ago Thursday, actually), and after everything was said and done, and insurance took care of me (Nationwide insurance, by the way, is the way to go. Since the wreck wasn't my fault, they took really good care of me. They probably would have taken care of me even if it HAD been my fault, but they were ESPECIALLY nice and understanding since it wasn't.), I got this bill in the mail from the NC DOT.
Long story short, they were telling me that I owed North Carolina about $1,900 to repair the guardrail I'd hit. It should be noted that I hit the guardrail after the third rotation of my car flipping over, and it stopped me from going down a steep hill into trees. Just FYI.

So I was (understandably, I think) not too pleased about that. I feel like. . .that's the purpose of a guardrail, you know? To prevent steep hill flipping. And if I'd been driving drunk or something and crashed into said guardrail, sure, make me pay for it. But, in fact, I was minding my own business when some asshat on an "electronic device" tried to change lanes on top of me. And then he drove away without stopping.

I'm digressing. My point is, I don't think they should fault people who, through no fault of their own, hit guardrails intended to. . .you know, GUARD.
So Nationwide was like, absolutely, we will take care of that.

However, I kept getting letters telling me, in increasingly nasty terms, that I need to pay this God-awful amount of money to these people, or they will. . .actually, I don't know what they intended to do. They never threatened anything.
I'm like. . .if I have to pay this amount, I should OWN this section of guardrail. I should be able to paint it. Maybe build structures around it. Maybe open a highway-side discotheque!
I get one of these letters every 4 months or so, and there was one there yesterday. It informed me that they had been "very patient" with me and "exceedingly generous" with said patience, but I need to pay ASAP.
I. Hit. The. Roof. I was having a bad day anyway, and this just added to it.

I had everything in mind I was going to say to the people when I called. I was going to be One of Those People, who call customer service lines and are as mean and rude as can be.
So I call, and this guy with a British accent picks up and asks me how he can help me. I explained the situation to him, and he's all like, "Oh, well, that was taken care of May 4, 2010. The account balance is $0!"
. . . . . . . .

I didn't even get to yell at anyone. I wouldn't want to yell at a British guy anyway.
(Sorry for the anticlimactic ending to that story.)
God save the Queen.

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  1. Cake testings are the BOMB! We only went to one because I had my baker picked out. But they gave us 6 different types of cake, with 2 slices each and all of their different frostings and fillings and the fondant, all in different little plastic solo cups that were labeled! It was DELICIOUS!

    I can't believe they wanted you to pay for the guardrail. It seems to me it's one of those public service things the government provides us. So I suppose they expected you to also try to steer your car in mid-flip AWAY from the guardrail and into another car perhaps? Yikes.