Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One Where There's Too Much Pizza

This place loves their pizza.
I'm in the training department here, and that means that whenever we train new people (or new temps coming in), we order pizza for them for lunch. Training lasts two days for each group, except for this week, during which it lasts three days. The reason for this being (because I know you're dying or curiosity) two of the guys being trained came in on the second day of training, so they'd missed the first day's, and needed to make it up.
So every day this week, I've ordered pizza. I think it was three days last week, I ordered pizza. The week before that, two days of pizza. And in two weeks? At least two more days of pizza. And then yesterday, I walked to the gas station up the street to pick up some sodas. All in the name of training.
You'd think I'd be sick of it, but I'm really not. The conclusion I came to was that I can handle All Pizza All the Time if it's cheese, which is my favorite anyway. When you start putting stuff on it, it's like my stomach goes, "Whoa! You're eating pizza! Again!" and then I feel like I'm sick of it.
Not true, however, for cheese. I swore to D last night that I was NOT going to take part in the pizza today, but then I started thinking about cheese pizza. Mmmm. Cheese. I feel like when training's over for the week, I'm not going to know what to do with myself.
"What? A turkey sandwich? I can't eat this crap! Where's the PIZZA?"

I have a whiteboard above my desk with important phone numbers on it. IT Help desk? Check. Unofficial Admin who gets all my panicked questions? Check. Corporate office? Check. And yesterday? I added the pizza place. I'm kind of surprised they don't know my name by now.

In other news, I went to Chili's last night for a giant salad and a slightly smaller beer. It was a buffalo chicken salad, which I'd recommend highly. The downer was, first of all, the beer was big enough to where I had to sit on a bench and read for a while to get it out of my system, and secondly, the waiter called me sir.

I'm in the middle of reading that book that John Edwards' former aide wrote, and I'm sure I'll have a whole post on that when I'm finished. It's interesting; I'll give it that. It better be, seeing as to how I was like number 189 on the waiting list at the library to get it. And I'm sure once I check it back in, someone will immediately have a hold on it.
Because everyone (including me) loves a good scandal. Or even a bad scandal. Or even a scandal where someone fathers a child and then goes to the media and says, "Not no way, not no how, not my baby."
Or whatever.

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  1. I love pizza too but I don't know that I could eat it that many times a week. It would get old quick that is for sure.

    I really want to read that book as well. It seems like a really great book.