Friday, May 21, 2010

The One With Irritating Terminology

Today's soapbox rant is sponsored by the letters D and G, the number 7, and this article. I came across this on the facebook page of a. . .not a friend, per se, but someone I used to know who survived the cut when I sliced my number of facebook friends in half. (True story.)

Now, I have to say I kind of agree with what the guy that made the statement was saying. That's neither here nor there. What irritated me so much was a comment someone made on the guy's facebook wall that said something about "reverse discrimination."

This bugs me in the same way people bug me when they say "ATM machine" or "PIN number." It's not an automated teller machine machine, it's not a personal identification number number, and discrimination is discrimination no matter who it's happening to. It's not just racism if a white person is being mean to a black person because they're black. It's ALL THE SAME THING.

That's. . .all, I guess. Not terribly interesting.

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