Monday, May 10, 2010

The One With No Sexual Tension

Some of you (the 5-ish people who I'm aware read) may have noticed that I put up my "parenting on facebook" poll, only to take it down like a day later. That can be explained by my attention-whoredom, because in 24 hours, I only had one vote (my own) and that made me go, "Oh my GOD, I'm writing and no one's READING." Being that. . .type of person I am, that bothered me, so I took it down, prefering not to know if no one cared. I like to pretend people care.

I'd noticed that there was something weird about this place I'm working. I've worked in a lot of places in my time with the temp place, and there was something different about this place. A few days ago, I finally figured it out: no sexual tension.

Anywhere I've worked, there has always been sexual tension SOMEWHERE. At one place, I was working in a room with a girl who pretty much wanted to jump on top of any guy that walked in. At another place, my boss was really, REALLY chummy with another one of the temps (this was the place that the boss made the decision that my contract had no need to be extended because said Other Temp told him I wasn't necessary. She hated me, so that was her little revenge. This was OK in the long run, because I hated that place, but I will never understand why I have to give at least a one-week notice if I'm leaving, but if they're done with me, they can literally call me at home on a Tuesday evening and say I don't need to report for work Wednesday. But I digress.)

Point being, part of the fun of working in different places is watching the social dynamic of everyone. I was a Sociology minor, and part of the reason for that is I like watching groups of people.

It's really disappointing, having no one to watch. No one to make up secret stories about, assuming they're having a clandestine meeting during lunch. It's just kind of like no one really likes each other.

And that is nowhere near as interesting as watching two people who PRETEND not to like each other, but who you know are actually going at it in the document control room.

Went to Mom's for Mother's Day, had dinner with the family plus one. D wasn't feeling well, so I let him sleep.

Brought Mom truffles I made, which were. . .really tasty, but really ugly. I'd gotten the recipe here and needless to say, mine did NOT end up looking like that. I need to learn how to melt chocolate smoothly without a double broiler. D showed me how to heat watch in a big pot on the stove and put a bowl with the chocolate in it on the water ("There WAS a time when there weren't microwaves, you know," he says.), but it always turns out weird and chunky, not awesome and smooth.

I also made cookies last night. I know they look burned, but they're not, actually. I take pictures with my camera phone, and you can only expect so much out of the poor thing.

I need to start taking donations to keep me in sugar and vanilla.

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