Monday, August 9, 2010

The One With My Purse

And now, for something completely different. It's dumb, and pointless, but why does everything in life have to have a point?

I've seen on a couple of the other blogs I read where women did this "Hey, check out what's in my purse!" post. I thought they were kind of weird, but the more I thought about it, the more I was like. . .that's cool. And I'm enough of a narcissistic exhibitionist that I feel like everyone should WANT to see what's in my purse.

So here's the purse (sorry for the crappy picture. . .lighting wasn't great and it's a camera phone.)

It's a Vera Wang Kohl's brand purse (Simply Vera? I think that's what it's called.) I have a billion purses, but this is one of two I use most frequently, since it matches everything.

Here's what's in it:

OK, here we have everything I tote around with me daily, sans my cell phone, since that's what I was taking the picture with. There's gum, a jump drive, a tampon, a stack of receipts that I made all nice and neat for the picture, a stack of Other Various Things I made all nice and neat for the picture, hand sanitizer (a godsend), my iPod, lip-plumping lip gloss from E.L.F., glucose tablets for low blood sugar, business cards, hand cream, tweezers, hair bands, a little pocket knife, a nail file, a stack of Diet Coke pop tabs (we collect them for. . .some reason.), a random dollar I was pleased to find in the back pocket of the purse, my wallet which is really badass. . .at some angles, it's black and white with a piano pattern and at other angles, it's colorful guitars. Also from Kohl's, 10,000 pens (because I can never find one. And yes, they're always bundled together like that. Not just for the picture.), my checkbook, a comb, a pad of paper, my jumble of keys, and the change sock D got me from Iowa.

Um, what this tells me is that I have a lot of crap in my purse. No wonder my back hurts sometimes.

And if you're wondering (and, I know you are, because OBVIOUSLY), in the stack of receipts, there's a receipt from all of the following: My bank (cashier's check made out for rent), Target, Wal-Mart, Chik-Fil-A, and Lowe's Foods. And in the stack of random crap? A card for a doctor's appointment next week, a coupon to save $1.50 on any 3 General Mills cereals, a check of D's, a letter from the company that manufactured my insulin pump, a recipe for Zucchini Cheese Casserole I found in a library book, and a coupon for $1 off yogurt purchases at some place called Local Yogurt that I got from work.

Um, I think I need to clean out my purse. There would also be a book in it that I am currently reading for my Gay Book Club, but I left that out in the car over lunch. There was also a greeting card in there, but I took it out to write in it. Also, way down deep in one of the pockets, there was a clear lip gloss. I didn't feel like taking everything out again to include it in the picture. Oh! And in the same pocket as the clear lip gloss, there are 3 coupons for CiCi's Pizza.


  1. Cute purse! Doesn't look like you let your purse get too crazy. I recently downsized my purse and it's helped me to not carry everything around forever. I mean, how long do I need to carry the straps to my bridesmaid's dress?

  2. Thank you!

    It seems the bigger the purse, the more stuff I have in it.

    But, I mean, obviously you need to carry the straps around forever. . .especially if that particular dress was one the bride insisted you could "wear all the time!" :)