Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The One Where I'm Getting Old

You all know that my sister, Katie, graduated. She's heading to ECU at the end of the month. This has caused me a great deal of anxiety for two reasons. . .first of all, Katie isn't supposed to be in college. She's supposed to be, like, 12.

(She was actually 12 here)

Secondly, it's making me go, "Oh my GOD! I'm SO OLD!"

(Note: OK, people over 25. I'm AWARE that 25 is Not That Old. I'm really tired of people telling me that. I KNOW. But you know what? You've been 25 before. I have not. To ME, it feels old. Just because you're 30, 40, 55, whatever doesn't mean that you have a right to roll your eyes at me when I say I feel old. Because I do. So shut your whore mouth.)

D's kid, Kelly, is here visiting until the beginning of next week. Last night, we had to take two cars to this guy's house to give back the car D had borrowed while his was in the shop. Kelly rode with me, since my car has air conditioning, and the car D was driving did not.

We'd just shopped for school supplies, so we were discussing 1st grade. Kelly asked me what 1st grade was like, and I told her what I remembered: we did reading, and math, and spelling, and music, and art. . .stuff like that. Then I said, "Yeah, I was in first grade. . .20. . .years ago."

. . . . . . .

I was in 1st grade 20 years ago. Oh my GOD.

When Kelly is my age, I will be almost 45. OH MY GOD.

My 10-year high school reunion will be in 2 1/2 years. That's not AS horrifying, because it's not happening NOW, but man.

I feel like I literally just left high school. And I'm more than halfway to my 10-year reunion.

I was trying to think of some stuff to get Katie for her college move-in. I tried remembering things that I didn't have when I started college that I needed. I couldn't remember much about my freshman year. It wasn't THAT long ago, but I've already forgotten everything except how miserable I was the first semester and the 20 pounds I gained.

Time's slipping on by, and I kind of feel like I'm getting lose in the shuffle. Because I'm not DOING anything.

I need to DO something.

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