Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The One Where I Don't Watch Much TV (Really)

I started doing a list of things (see: here). Here is thing number three:

Day 03 - your favorite television program

Cancelled or uncancelled? Cable or network?

I don't actually watch that much TV, but Grey's Anatomy is probably my current favorite that is actually on TV currently. I also love (LOVE!) the Food Network, and I miss it now that we only have the most basic of cable packages.

Older shows, I have every season of Friends, and I feel like Wonderfalls was one of those TV shows cut off before its prime. I used to never miss The Office, but now it's lamer than lame. Jim and Pam need to STFU and go away with their stupid baby.

30 Rock used to be one I never missed, but I just got busy with life, and I don't think I watched it once last season.

Modern Family is good. Cougar Town is not good.

This is a pretty short vignette of a post, but I don't really have a lot to say about TV. The most passionate thing I feel about it is that I miss the Food Network. I also miss watching trashy reality TV. But I feel like I'm a better person for my lack of a billion channels.


  1. Ya I don't watch much TV either! I would rather blog!!!!

  2. I'm sure you are a better person. Too much junk on TV. I love the Travel Channel and the Food Network is a close second. Modern Family is hilarious and my #1 guilty pleasure: Family Guy (don't judge me)

  3. If I had more hours in the day. . .I'd probably spend them blogging and reading blogs. It's become a sickness, I swear!

    Also, Travel Channel! I'd forgotten how I miss that. . .(I won't judge for Family Guy. I own the first two box sets. :-])