Thursday, June 24, 2010

The One Where I Took a Photo

Listy McListenstein

Day 09 - a photo you took

I have taken many photos in my life. Many. If I had a good camera right now, I'd be taking a lot more. I don't have my file of photos with me right now, but I'm sure I can find one somewhere. . .

This was taken over Easter 2008. That's my sister on the left and her friend Meghan on the right. We'd gone to a park. . .somewhere or another and I have 2 photo albums of pictures from that trip. Good times.

D and I are going to my friend Carol's wedding this weekend. . .should be fun. I haven't bought a wedding gift yet because. . .well, because I'm not rolling in money, and nothing on the registry is less than $40. I'm thinking gift card.

I'd bought a new dress to wear, but then I unearthed another one from my closet that I'd bought at a consignment shop and never worn. I modeled it for D and he said, "That. That is what you're wearing to the wedding."

(And you know, when I type it out, it sounds creepy and demanding. It wasn't. He was enthusiastic about the dress. It looks. . .well, it looks awesome. And I've never worn it. So there's that.)

Had a weird thing happen when I was working at the library last night. I was sitting on the floor, sorting magazines (as you do), and this guy with an accent (Russian?) was sitting there reading newspapers. He strikes up a conversation with me, nothing weird about it, and then at the end, he's like, "It was nice talking to you, Sarah."

. . . . . .????

Then he looks at my nametag for verification and says, "Yeah, I've seen you here before."

. . . . .????????!!!!!!!

Super creepy.

I told the security guard about it before I left, but, unfortunately, I didn't say anything about it before the guy left, so I had absolutely no description except that he was a dude and he had an accident.

I'd be an absolutely terrible witness to a crime. Legitimately. I'd be like, "Um, someone ran off with someone's purse. . .I think it was a man that stole it, but it could have been a butch woman. He/she was. . .somewhere between 5'6 and 6'5, I think they had brown hair, but it could have been blonde, and they were wearing. . .clothes."

I just need to stay out of sketchy neighborhoods.

Oh, and if you're interested, this is what I'm going to make for dinner tonight. Yum.

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