Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The One Where The List Tries to Make Me Angry/Sad

The list.

Day 08 -- a photo that makes you angry/sad

I was going to do one of each, one that made me angry and one that made me sad, but I decided I deal with anger better than sadness.

So here it is. The picture that makes me angry. And, come to think of it, a little sad, too.

Yeah, I can just hear the collective, ". . . . . .huh?" Let me e'splain. (Also, I did not take this picture. I do not know who took this picture. I stole it off of facebook.)

OK, what's written on the bridesmaids' thighs is the Greek letters for Phi Sigma Pi. (Phi Sigma Pi Thigh?) It was the honors fraternity (Yeah, fraternity. Not sorority. It was co-ed.) that I belonged to in college. I joined because, for one, my cousin was a member at her college in the mountains and said it was awesome, because I really wanted to wear Greek letters (I thought they were badass), and because I desperately wanted to belong to SOMETHING in college, and when I went to the interest meeting for the campus sororities, all of the girls looked at me like I'd walked into the wrong room. ("Um, the Brunette Girls in Vintage Dresses and Chunky Heels meeting is three doors down. This is the meeting for the Blonde Girls Who Wear Prada and Stilettos.")

So I pledged and joined Phi Sig. It was. . .truth be told, it was awkward the entire time I was a member. I did. not. fit. in. I had a couple of friends in the group, but I never really meshed with most of the people.

So, part of the pledging process involves being assigned a "Big Brother." (This stands whether you're a dude or a non-dude. I was a brother. Everyone in the group is a brother. I still laugh when I get e-mails from Nationals that begin, "Dear Brother (Mylastname)." It's funny.

My Big was the bride in the photo, Jenn. When assigned to me, Jenn told me that she'd requested me amongst the initiates. Jenn was cool. We had to spend time with our Bigs weekly, and she would always bring me a little present, and we did cool stuff.

So, I get in to the fraternity, and all is good in the world.

This one semester comes up where we had SO! MANY! PLEDGES! and there were only, like, 8 members. (Long story, man. Long story.)

Jenn had already had me as a Little and another girl, Erica, as a Little. When it came to this semester, she had three: Holly, Alia, and Bethany. (Bridesmaid on the far left and the two to the right of the picture.)

Once these girls came around, it's like Jenn had never known me. They were a really crazy bunch of girls, and I'm guessing that they were just more fun than me.

Really long, "Poor me, Sarah has no friends" story short, I had no idea Jenn had even gotten married. She got married, and had her Fun Littles as her bridesmaids. So when I saw that picture, I was. . .well, it didn't feel great.

I was going to go on a bit about this, but I have to think about what I was going to say before I say it. I don't want it to come out like I'm whining, which I'm already in danger of having done.

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